Coaching includes the folowing:

Coaching Levels

The type of people I love to work with are heart-centred, intuitive leaders with a desire to have a greater impact in the world and those they serve, both women and men who are leading organisations. There’s often a deep sense of knowing that they have more to give, that something is out of alignment with who they are at their core. They feel as though they are going through the motions, overwhelmed or that they are an imposter in their role. There’s a sense that not everything is adding up. They are often worried about their team and individual performance.

These leaders are usually strong in relationship skills. And therein lies the issue. They tend to give a great deal to others only to find that they are sapped of their own energy, purpose and spirit. Being a resilient leader, they usually try to figure this out for themselves.

After all they didn’t get to where they are today by luck. And yet, deep inside they know something is off centre and no matter what they do, they cannot seem to shake off this feeling.

They are looking to step up into a more authentic version of who they are, to lead from their true values, their vision for a better world and to create rock star teams around them. They want to have more impact in their organisations, to give back to the causes and people that they see potential in

My style is both loving and challenging. I love to hold the space so others can see their potential and beauty within. To shed the layers of self doubt and inner criticism. To help them fall back in love with who they are and become the person they are destined to be. Yes we have tears, yes we have laughter, yes we can have profound change.

Coaching Framework

And whilst this might all sound a little fluffy, I underpin all of my work with a clear structure and framework. When I was certified as an executive coach back in 2010, I was given a license to over 30 different ‘tools’ and methodologies, such as: Engaging Employees; Leading Strategic Retreats; A Six-Step Influencing Process; Shifting out of Overwhelm; Career Planning; Communicating Effectively across organisations; Behavioural Coaching (that’s getting rid of those terrible habits); a Leadership Dashboard and many more resources, assessments and frameworks.

I follow a clear structure and process which means you don’t have to worry about the ‘how’. My approach looks something like this:

Coaching Programmes

Intensive VIP Sessions

These sessions are best if you want help now or perhaps you don’t want to commit to a more extensive programme of personal development. We deep dive on where you want to achieve rapid change. The session(s) include an orientation call to map out what you are looking for and where I can best support you.

You’ll receive a welcome pack before we meet to stimulate your thinking. We then spend half a day together deep diving on your most pressing concerns. We follow up around six weeks later with a further coaching conversation to discuss progress and any new blocks that may have surfaced.


90 Day Coaching Programme

I’m a big fan of working in 90 day blocks. It focuses attention and super charges performance. The 90 day coaching programme is all about focusing you, whether that’s getting you super crystal clear on what you want to create in the world, shifting the blocks that are holding you back or getting you out of overwhelm.

We look at how you are showing up as a leader today. We then identify the one or two key levers that are going to most help you move forwards. I’ll also be teaching you how to work with the 90 day planning process too.

Broad Framework:

  • Onboarding session
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Map out a 90 day programme of development that works with your schedule
  • One hour coaching sessions every other week
  • Accountability check ins and email support
  • You will have more clarity, focus and energy than you will have experienced in a long time!

The programme will help you:

  • Become a better leader, partner and friend
  • Deepen your listening to a whole new level
  • Engage and impact those around you that inspires them to be truer versions of themselves
  • Transform your thinking about what you see as possible in the world
  • Shift the barriers, self-defeating beliefs and inner critic that keeps you where you are today
  • Get out of overwhelm by embedding performance habits that significantly improve both you and your teams’ productivity

Year Long Executive Programme

This programme is for executives who are looking to transform their leadership. We will work from both an inside out and outside in perspective.

The executive coaching is a combination of face to face and online coaching which we structure together during our first session.

The actual programme will be curated together and reviewed at key points throughout the year. The best results come from where we work in partnership and where there is a deep trust, connection and honesty. These are the foundations for success.