Executive Coaching, Consultancy, Leadership Development & Retreats for leaders who know they have much more to bring into the world and need the guidance and inspiration to get there. Providing an in-depth program of leadership development that combines deep self-awareness together with practical, proven tools to add even greater value to their organisation.

In essence, we work to help you become a more awakened leader who knows their strengths, can mitigate their shadow side, build a rock star team and provide clarity and inspiration within their organisation.

“As each leader becomes more aligned and authentic so the ripple effect is magnified to all they serve.”
We do this through providing practical, measurable results using a proven methodology and dozens of interactive tool kits. Do any of these common challenges resonate with you?

overcoming overwelm
· Overcoming overwhelm and juggling multiple priorities
· Engaging employees
· Setting a strategic direction and aligning the organization to follow through
leading high performance
· Leading high performing teams
career direction
· Career direction and leadership legacy
· Holding challenging conversations
managing upwards
· Managing upwards
· Communicating effectively across the organization

Services Offered

Executive Coaching. Helping C Suite Leaders to discover their fullest potential, get out of their own way and have the clarity and direction to make it happen.

Executive Team Development. Strengthening team dynamics; aligning goals; building trust and mutual accountability.

Retreats (journeying within to deepen leadership awareness, practice, well-being and overall happiness).

Female Leadership Development (see www.thewla.com).

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