The Gender Pay Gap In The UK
10 September 2020
Paula Chadwick
20 September 2020

Ralph Tucker, Executive, NBrown plc

From Director to CEO

As the Chief Product & Trading Officer at NBrown plc my role is to lead the product team and ecommerce & trading functions. I’ve been at the business for 5 years performing a series of different executive roles, in the main delivering transformation of the business’ approach in each area.

Before I embarked on a programme of executive coaching, my time was limited, somewhat chaotic because of the pace I moved with and poorly organised. Also due to the relentless pressure, my resilience and future outlook wasn’t great. I needed to be better and push myself to develop, not just in delivering the business’ strategy but my whole approach to leadership.

Sandra had previously worked with a member of my team and building her from a nearly ran to the best buying director I’ve worked with.

Since having coaching, there have been many clear and measurable results:

  • I’m a better leader and person.
  • I now operate in a totally different way utilising an incredible toolkit including – timeboxing, structured meeting preparation, meditation, 90 day planning, reading and learning approach, work / home planning, personal values, free writing exercises, and tons more…
  • There has been a clear improvement in performance with my team and in their performance, defined values and reason to be, clearer goal setting, disciplined time management, significantly improved resilience under extreme pressure and they’re genuinely happier.
  • And perhaps the strongest of all is that I have landed the role of CEO for a retail business and I am looking forward to beginning this exciting challenge.

My work with Sandra has not only benefited my business and team with a substantially improved and focused approach to leadership but she has helped me excel in times of extreme stress and worked with me to focus on my inner belief and strength to thrive in all aspects of my life, truly transformational. You can’t fail to improve in all aspects of your leadership and life. Sandra isn’t a miracle worker but she’s not far off!