Paula Chadwick
20 September 2020
Maximise Your Productivity with this 100-year-old hack
25 September 2020

Steve Johnson, CEO

NBrown Group, Manchester

I am a CEO of a retail business.

Sandra helped bring together a team at the early stages of my tenure.  I was initially appointed the Interim CEO and I needed to pull together the existing team, accelerate strong relationships and create an environment of trust to enable us to perform in challenging circumstances.  Sandra did that brilliantly through workshops and 121 coaching. Thanks to Sandra’s early intervention, my team have gone from strength to strength, we have a cohesive unit who are collectively aiming for the same goal.

If anyone was working with Sandra, I would encourage them to have open and honest discussions about how they feel, what they are trying to achieve and what they want from the workplace.  Sandra provides significant insight and has a clear communication style when its needed.  She really helps you embrace and move forward if you adopt the most open and productive perspective. 

I would also add that Sandra is a keen advocate of gender diversity in the workplace, something I personally believe creates better cultures and more productive working environments.  It was great to work with someone who has a clear and very well-articulated passion.

Overall, Sandra is fantastic to work with and will add value to any organisation.